Article by Silvia Larin.


So you’ve finished flashing your new bling around town and it’s time to get down to the details of the your nuptials.  Aside from colour schemes and wedding dresses (eek!), one of the big tasks ahead of you is asking those specials gals (or guys maybe!) to be your entourage on the BIG day.  Here are some simple ideas to show them some love:


Say it in words

A personalized card or letter gives you the opportunity to let your best friends know what they mean to you.  You can find some amazing cards online (newsagencies are a little skim on this front), or have a go at designing your own

 Etsy Finds:


Say it sweetly

Most of us respond very well to food, particular the sweet variety.  Consider popping the question to your bridesmaids via a delivery of cookies, lollies, cupcakes or cake pops.  For homemade goodies, the basic cupcake recipe in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World is a tried and tested winner.  For cake pops, try this little recipe.

Say it with a cupcake!


Say it practically

If you’re a super-organised bride, why not take the opportunity to ask your bridesmaids via an information/preparation kit in a gift case or fancy box?  This could include anything useful like fabric samples, suggested dress styles, colour palettes (paint chips come in handy here!) or maybe some fun little gifts like nail polish, a small bottle of champagne or a pretty piece of jewellery. 

Etsy inspiration:


Say it festively

Grab a bottle of their favourite sparkling wine or champagne and replace the label with one of your own.  Then, when they say yes you can propose a toast!

Put your own label on a bottle of bubbly!


Say it with humour

It’s only fair that your bridesmaids get a little bit of bling of their own – treat them to a tasty Ring Pop to pop the question!  Check the label, but I’m told most brands of Ring Pop are vegan friendly.

Give your bridesmaids some bling of their own!




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