So you’ve sorted out the dress, the bridesmaids, the vintage car and what closet you should hide your mother-in-law in (we kid, we kid), so now it’s time to sort out those little details for your big day. You might not realise it now, but lighting plays a huge part at weddings. Get it wrong, and that reception room could be darker than a Kings Cross club, or worse, brighter than the SCG on game night. So here’s five eco-friendly lighting ideas that are bound to have you sparkling!



An all time favourite, candles are perfect for creating that warm gleam and look absolutely amazing when they’re grouped together. For a romantic table table decoration, arrange your stock standard white candles in a circle, the tallest in the middle, and surround them with succulents. Our pick? Baby’s Breath looks absolutely gorgeous.


What a perfect setting




There are few things in this world that look more beautiful than a softly glowing lantern. Well, maybe you in that white dress, but we’ll get to that a little later. Add a touch of colour with dreamy paper lanterns, or try something a little more rustic with vintage oil burners that can be decorated with intertwined flowers and hung from tree branches. To buy gorgeous floating lanterns that are totally biodegradable, head to Eco Sky Lanterns!


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Fairy lights

Four words. Solar. Powered. Fairy. Lights. Is that not the greatest combination you’ve heard of since Brad and Ange got together? All you need to do is stick the solar panel in the ground for five to six hours, let the sun do it’s thing, and you’ve got some seriously magical shimmering for the rest of the night. Drape these babies through trees or cascade them down a wall.

Buy Solar Powered Fairy Lights here!



Now who doesn’t love a big ol’ chandelier? Make like they did in the old days and use real candles instead of those weird electric ones. Afraid something might catch on fire? Just make sure you secure the candles in a glass jar (mason, perhaps?) if you’ve got foliage about.


For an eco choice and rustic look, candle chandeliers are a great option!

Light bulbs

What about the good old power saving light bulb? There’s a reason why they’re a staple in our homes. Hang them from the ceiling and let them dangle like pendants above the reception tables – you’ll score major points from all those contemporary art types.

Could this be ANY cuter?!


Ladies: The lighting at your wedding has been officially sorted. Now, moving on to the five pairs of shoes you should buy just in case…





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