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By spending your wedding money on eco goods for your wedding, you’re informing suppliers that there is a demand for green goods and services. You’re bringing awareness to social, environmental and moral issues and ensuring your money goes towards supporting your beliefs and values. You might even pick up some ideas for your every day green living ways! Remember don’t feel guilty about anything if you can’t make every element of your wedding green, just do whatever feels right for you and is within your capabilities.



Try to minimise the meat/dairy and opt for local & organic

We all know meat & dairy are doing the planet and your health no favours, in fact the livestock industry is a larger contributor to global warming than all of the global transport combined. So, why not consider a super sexy vegan menu or aim to minimise the meat? Check out some interesting facts about the matter. Some of my favourite celebs have held vegan and eco friendly weddings, such as Natalie Portman [great idea with the indigenous flowers!], Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossi and Anne Hathaway!


Eco Wedding Favours

Rather than the cliche’ mints or made in china goods, maybe a handmade, fairtrade or recycled favour might be the option for you?


A cute handmade truffle? A little indulgence with a personal touch. You could create something amazing like Cherry Ripe Truffles, thanks to our friends at The Kind Cook. To present them, use recycled mini jars or recycled paper patty cakes. Or you could order some adorable and mouth watering chocolate truffles from  SJAAKS.

Gorgeous Cherry Ripe Truffles would make for a cute and personal Wedding Favour! Check out the recipe here.


Handmade Soap

Lavender Soap Wedding Favour
Natural, handmade, organic and vegan lavender soap! What a lovely idea! Buy it from Green Favours from $2.39 each.


DIY Goodness

There are so many adorable things you could make yourself – if you feel you have the time (and patience!). Ideas include a personalised rustic recipe booklet, making jam and presenting it in lovely recycled jars, cupcakes in a jar, tiny potted plants and the list goes on! For cool ideas, head to ETSY WEDDINGS.

DIY Jam Wedding Favour
DIY Jam Wedding Favour. Make it yourself or buy online. Check it out!


Recipe Book Wedding Favour. Photo thanks to ETSY WEDDINGS.



Adorable beach themed seedlings. Buy from Little Things Favours.


Vintage seedlings. Buy from Little Things Favours.


Ethical Fairtrade Coffee Beans

Cute fairtrade coffee pouches for your wedding guests! Buy from Tribes & Nations.
Cute fairtrade coffee pouches for your wedding guests! Buy from Tribes & Nations.


Opt for Pre-Loved or Local Designers for your dress

This topic is discussed on our Ethical Wedding Dress Supplier page. If you wish to aim for an eco friendly wedding dress, then head to the suppliers page for a list of pre loved wedding dress sites and eco designers. Does the dress really have to be new? Buying new dresses which generally come from China, you’re more than likely paying for sweatshop products – so if you could find the perfect dress second hand and save a bucket load, it’s win win! The other option is buying directly from a local designer who more than likely can use organic or re-claimed fabrics and of course, you will be supporting a local artist which is always cool. When you hear designer, high $$$ comes to mind, however one quick look on ETSY and you will see so many designers have really reasonable prices for custom dresses made with recycled and organic fabrics!


Other Green Choices

The dress isn’t all what it’s about [as much as we would like to think!] – there are other things to consider which can make your wedding more green. For example, what confetti are you choosing? is the paper recycled? what ingredients are going into your cake? With so many amazing vegan cake makers, perhaps opt for a cake with no cholesterol, a lighter footprint and no cruelty. Also consider choosing flowers that are in season, recycled invitations, eco-friendly venue and the use of sustainable products wherever possible.


Opt for an Eco Friendly Venue

Try to find a venue who is environmentally conscious. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue about what they’re doing to minimise their carbon footprint and make their venue more environmentally friendly. Head to our eco venues page to see a list of great eco venues in Australia!


Green Gifts 

Instead of receiving more gadgets that you don’t really need, perhaps only list the essentials or request for donations to your favourite charity. But theres no harm in the good old $$ wishing well, either! Having your honeymoon paid for is always nice!


Setup Carbon Credits

An easy way to make a difference! You simply find out how many guests are coming, where they are coming from, the total anticipated emissions for the day. For your total calculated Co2, you pay an equivalent in carbon credits which goes towards funding clean energy projects to generate power but emit less greenhouse gasses.

Check it out here:


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