Article by Lucy Tierney

If you are like me, you may not initially decide that your wedding needs a theme but then over time as you plan and things come together you see that naturally a theme has emerged. This works for some, however it can also be better to choose a theme from the start and work everything around it. Here are my tips for creating a rustic wedding!


1# Arches

Having a beautiful, handmade arch for you and your partner to stand under is a great and easy way to bring in the rustic, homemade feel. Whether you build it from recycled timber, use plants and vines, drape fabric over it or hang streamers from it, an archway is a beautiful and easy touch.

Rustic Wedding Arches
Rusted tin to create a gorgeous arch!


Rustic Wedding Arches
Simple is always best. A wooden arch with mismatched pastel flowers is a perfect rustic look.


2# Furniture

Distressed and old looking wooden furniture is “in” at the moment so it would be the perfect time to get some or make some and use it in your wedding. Whether it be the chairs your guests sit in during the ceremony or just the tables and chairs that surround you at the reception, it will be a talking point for your guests and something that will make your wedding unique!

Rustic Furniture Ideas
Some furniture pieces can be hired or easily sourced from op shops!


Rustic Furniture Ideas
Many furniture hire businesses offer distressed wedding chairs


Rustic Furniture Ideas
Don’t be afraid to bring a mix of colours!


3# Reception

The reception is where you have the chance to bring in your theme as much or as little as you want. Even the venue itself can be enough to set the scene for the night. Places such a barn or a farm would be the best fit.

Rustic wedding reception
Gorgeous low hanging fairy lights in a timber venue create an amazing rustic feel


Rustic wedding reception


Rustic wedding reception
Rustic chandeliers a focal point


4# Bridesmaids

Ditch the elegant, long chiffon and satin dresses and opt for just above the knee dresses for your bridesmaids! Think mismatched, floral, lace, pastel colours and easy casual flat shoes.

Rustic Wedding Ideas
Have fun with colours and mismatched gowns!


Rustic Wedding Ideas
Why not!


5# Your dress(!)

If you want to fit the rustic theme all the way down the isle then matching your dress to the theme is the final step! Stay away from puffy, big and frilly dresses and go for more straight cuts, empire waists and don’t forget the lace.

Rustic wedding dress
Simple and elegant, perfect for a rustic wedding!


Rustic wedding dress
You can checkout our top 2014 dress designers for inspiration!

Have a think about how best to style your rustic wedding and don’t be afraid to ditch the traditional for something that is new, different and fits what you want for your style and your wedding!



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