The DIY wedding could also be known as The ‘we can’t get it right unless we do it ourselves’ wedding.  Hello, I am Silvia and I am the idealist/perfectionist when it comes to planning our dream wedding.

Not me I swear!

I’m not a bridezilla, in terms of being utterly selfish, because my one and only hope is that everyone (us, our  families, our friends, our poor bridal party) enjoys themselves and are happy.  But I will admit to being a tiny-eensy-wincy bit of a militant when it comes to the organising and the details of our wedding.   You can’t change a leopard’s spots after all!

I think very early on, it became obvious that the theme for our wedding was going to be ‘stuff we like’ rather than anything ultra specific… but if I had to describe our mental mood board, it would be a colourful vintage romantic theme.

I’m chalk and he’s cheese (ask anyone!)

If you met us that idea would be laughable, given that my lovely partner Justin is renowned for his love of dark metal music, 80’s glam metal, aliens and the colours black/red; while I’m all shabby-chic, cups of tea, polka dot fabrics and pastels. But luckily for me, I also nabbed a romantic at heart who fully supports a theme that is very Silvia, with touches of Justin.

The final reason a large part of our wedding is DIY, is because we need to find (yes, as in not found yet!) a venue that will allow us to do our own vegan catering.  In Brisbane, that pretty much means DIY because most venues will a) Charge you the regular price for half the food and/or b) Describe vegan catering as being a ‘challenge’ and ‘boring’ while offering you pretty much the worst food I’ve ever laid eyes on.

We are choosing a vegan menu for practical and ethical reasons.  I would describe myself as closer to vegan-at-home, vegetarian-elsewhere, while Justin is vegetarian-at-home, omnivore-elsewhere, but I fully respect and would love to become a full-vegan in the near future.  And quite a few of our guests have lactose/gluten allergies anyway, so vegan food has a fantastic repertoire of lactose/gluten free food. We’re not openly advertising it (except here of course), but we’re also not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes – we just want a prejudice free meal please!

If you’re a bride interested in a DIY wedding, a vegan menu for your wedding, or wanting some inspiration about injecting about of your own personalities into a wedding, then I think you may have come to the right place!  All our stories are a little different, but if you’re interested in my own little rants please feel free to subscribe – I would be absolutely chuffed to know I’m not just talking to myself!!

My expertise and passion is in event decor, so if you’re ever after some tips or inspiration about a theme different to my own, drop me a line! I spend so much time trawling magazines and the internet, I’m bound to have to something right up your alley!

‘Til next time
Silvia xx

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