Upmarket vintage is just another way of saying ‘I spent hundreds of dollars on an old quirky item’. But from trash to treasure, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and pallets are a great way to add that quirky touch!  Best thing is? They suit every theme from rustic to a modern, industrial theme.


Eco Wedding Bar Palette

Now, it’s not a wedding without a great bar, of course paired with great drinks. And nothing says eco-friendly more than a bar made of pallets. You can pick up pallets anywhere from side streets, to your local hardware store. Sand it down and add a few coats of vanish and you have yourself the cheapest, quirky bar in the history of weddings. I’d say start writing your names down in the best-wedding-ever history books, because your guest will love this!


Wedding Eco Ideas

But before we get too carried away with bars and the party, a pallet ceremony board is a great touch. It is the first thing your guest will see and you save wasting paper that your guests will barely read. I would recommend drawing on the letters with pencil and stencils before you paint them on. The pallet used above is a newly purchased one, creating a fresh look rather than that rustic feel.


Photo wall

Make your guest ‘ohhh and ahhh’ with these pallet ceremony backdrops. The one to the left has taken off every second strip to create room for beautiful flowers. Tropical flowers are great for a bright summer wedding, but also succulents are great to reduce falling petals. For a quirkier look, pick up some knick knacks from your local charity store. Old picture frames with photos of the special couple are a great idea to add a personal touch.


Eco Wedding Ideas

For a beautiful outdoor seating area, stack pallets on top of each other with some simple pillows on the floor. Dressing the table in whites and earth colours will create a rustic theme. Though if you would like to follow a more bohemian theme, dark purples, teals and blues are a great colour theme.


How to Age Wood

A trick if you want that vintage look to the wood, create a mixture of steel wool and vinegar in a mason jar and let that sit for 24 hours. The next day brew some black tea and paint this on to the wood. After the tea dries, paint on the steel and vinegar mixture. In a couple of hours you will have that vintage look you wanted! More detailed instructions can be found here, http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/how-to-age-wood-tutorial-guest-post-from-que-linda

So be brave and ditch the pre-fabricated seating arrangements, ceremony backdrops and even bars. Be adventurous (and eco-friendly!) and create some unique pallet designs. Comment below if you have any tricks up your sleeve for the pallet DIYers out there!


Xox Edelle

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