Woah, I’m getting married in 42 days, I almost can’t believe it is that soon!

I’m pretty hopeless at being organised and so is my partner Myke, but I know that our wedding is going to be perfect even if it doesn’t go to plan… which we kind of don’t have so it won’t really matter anyway!

Myke and I got engaged in May this year and decided to set our wedding date for the 05-02-2013, a year later on the day we met.We were in Brisbane at the time and where talking about having children, getting married and sort of just asked each other, it was really nice and unexpected.

Myke brought me a beautiful engagement ring from this sweet little antique store in the North-East of Melbourne we happened to come across a few weeks ago whilst on one of our adventures.

It is a one of a kind vintage ring made in the Edwardian era (1901-1910) or so I was told anyway! It has a beautiful Amethyst in it (my birthstone) and has some lovely engraved patterns in the gold, but due to its age a lot of the pattern has been worn away, but to me this makes it feel more special. I love it! It is perfect.

I’ve very passionate about living vegan and buying and using ethical, cruelty-free, fair-trade products so finding a ring that is friendly to the planet, the people and the animals is very important to me, I’m so happy we found such a stunning ring that was in need of a new home and it didn’t break the bank!

Myke and I are looking at having a simple wedding that wont cost us over $5,000 (I’m aiming for under 3,000) I think that spending huge amounts of money on one day is insane! For me a wedding should be about love and not about trying to impressing anyone or everyone with an expensive fancy wedding (in saying that I do not have anything against anyone who wants to do this).

I found my wedding dress at a second hand store, it cost $50.00, yes only $50.00! I love it, it fits and I’m hoping I’m giving it another chance to shine.

Myself, wearing my beautiful Edwardian Gold and Amethyst Dress Ring.

Organising a wedding can be stressful; There is so much to plan: when to get married, where to get married, what to wear, who to invite, what colour scheme to have, who will be your bridesmaids, what will be on the menu… and the list could go on!

What I’ve found fun and helpful and a great way to keep my ideas together and to share them with my bridesmaids and sister is using Pintrest, you can put together a mood board, you can check out mine here – http://pinterest.com/missykohii/my-dream-wedding/

I’ve got so much more to do before the 05-02-2013, I better get a move a long!!

I’ll be posting more soonish.

<3 Missy

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