When I was looking for a ‘non over the top but still nice bollywood themed, gold, maroon and white’ wedding card box – it was certainly not easy to find! I scoured ETSY and I found a number of cool ones.

Wedding Card box
Box by Little Divine

Wedding Card Box
Box by Lacey Claire Design

However, I never actually found the right box which reflected ‘our wedding’. Plus, most of these are from the US and cannot post to Australia or if they do, posting it costs a fortune. So I thought, why not try make my own. It’s just a few boxes slapped together with some decorations, surely it’s not that hard! Here’s how I went…  

My DIY Wedding Card Box
Not too bad for a first attempt, hey? I was pretty chuffed with my efforts!



  • Wood glue & quick set glue
  • 3-4 boxes that are already a colour matching your theme ranging from large to small
  • Relevant decorations such as ribbon/flowers/diamontes
  • Sharp knife
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape



  • Stack the boxes on top of eachother [randomly placed looks great] and ensure you’re happy with their appearance
  • With the sharp knife, cut a big square on top of the biggest box which goes on the bottom, ensure the square is big enough for an envelope to fall into but also not too big and is covered by the second box. Doesn’t matter if it is jagged, it will not be seen
  • Cut a square underneath most of the second box
  • Cut a neat thin rectangle in front of the second box. This is where the envelopes will be slotted in through. Note that it needs to be straight and wide enough for bigger envelopes. I recommend getting out a pencil and ruler to ensure you get the sizing correct
  • Glue the second box on top of the biggest box with quick set glue
  • Glue the other boxes on top in the desired placement
  • Now the fun begins! Get out your ribbons, flowers diamontes etc and glue/arrange however you like! Perhaps look at some styles online to see what you would like it to look like
  • Send us pictures of your box! Tag us on IG @ethicalbride


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