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  1. 5.0

    My daughter bought me a pair of the Zette shoes for my birthday. Bit of a gamble buying shoes, but needless to say, I was blown away at how gorgeous they were. I have worn them to a few weddings now and also can wear them on special occasions. I always get compliments and they can make a plain dress pop. Well done to Vegan Style and great to see a vega shoe company making good quality shoes that are also stylish.

  2. 5.0

    Vegan Style shoes are highly recommended for those in Melbourne looking for non leather wedding shoes! Or any shoes for that matter. They definitely pick the best styles to suit every occasion. My personal favourite is their own range of shoes, the Zette collection. Gorgeous metallic shoes!!

    If you are looking for non leather shoes, definitely go to Vegan Style! They also sell online and do handbags and other accessories!

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