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When I think ‘Vintage’, I think ‘Timeless, Classic & Sentimental”.

Just the way the celebration of your love journey should be, on your wedding day and well into your blissful life together. Although it’s timeless, it doesn’t have to be costly. Here I have included some handy tips on how to master a DIY Vintage themed wedding of your dreams. Firstly, it’s all about the collecting – from all resources. Muster up a collection of pearls, diamonds, lace, teacups, plates & saucers etc. Search high and low through your grandmothers, mothers, aunties’ closets and any second-hand store you come across. Even some cheap stores offer some fabulous glassware and nick-nacks to use.

Easy Vintage Décor Ideas


Image Via In Decor
Image Via In Decor

 Teacup candles: 

Op shop vintage teacups, made into candles. Simply purchase wax from craft store, melt down, pour into teacup and add wick.  Allow drying and use on the tables on the day. Gorgeous!


The Wedding Tree Company Wooden Frame
Forget the old fashioned guest book

Wooden framed guest board

An ideal guest board and memorial frame to keep after the wedding would be a cheap wooden frame sitting on an easel with the guests name on it. Either place names on smaller boards (as shown in picture) or hand-write the guests on a large piece of paper and  attach . Either way, very effective and attractive. To buy ready made, you can purchase pictured from The Wedding Tree Company.


Collect gorgeous brooches to use as unique and fabulous vintage napkin holders!
Collect gorgeous brooches to use as unique and fabulous vintage napkin holders!

Napkin Holders Decoration

Brooches – Can be used for napkin holders. Start collecting from giftware stores or cheaper jewellery stores.


Photo Courtesy Tuts +
Photo Courtesy Tuts +

DIY Vintage Bridal Bouquet

Check out this step by step awesome tutorial to make your own vintage bridal bouquet with brooches!


Make your own vintage fairy lights
Make your own vintage fairy lights

Vintage Fairy Lights 

A pretty and easy wedding decoration idea that is DIY. Get a strand of fairy lights and cut up some lace hearts and circles etc and poke a hole in the middle where the fairy light is going to go. Bunch them up to make it look more effective!

  Vintage vase and flower decoration

Gorgeous Vase+Flower Decoration

This is a great DIY wedding decoration idea. Hang some glasses (a variety of different ones can also look effective) and make paper flowers to go in them. Hang them with some string and you’re good to go!

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