Utopian Creations began its life in 2005 as Australia’s first fine and fashion eco friendly, ethical or sustainable jewellery company. Eco friendly jewellery is the creation of jewellery with the ecology of our planet at the forefront of all design and manufacturing decisions. At Utopian Creations, we go deeper than most other eco or ethical jewellery companies by developing new green techniques for manufacturing, like our continuing development with Fresnel lenses and vegan polishing compounds.
We now have a retail store and workshop at Studio Eco, Magill Road, Adelaide.

As scientists learn more about our planet we are all seeing how interconnected we all are and how small changes can have a large effect. The materials we use to make our jewellery are all either recycled, antique, vintage or in some cases ‘ethically’ mined. This is one of those cases where the word ethics can be confusing. Some customers prefer to avoid newly mined diamonds and gems as they don’t believe any mining is ethical, some wish to see comprehensive environmental policies, complete custody chains and certification showing they are free of child labour. We offer both vintage/antique and new ‘ethically’ mined gems and diamonds, while providing ecologically friendly, high quality precious metals, a qualified jewellery designer and the experience of green manufacturing techniques to put it all together.

100% Vegan, Fairtrade , Recycled, Ethical Bride Recommended
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