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We are an online store based in Melbourne. We specialise in all Weddings and Christening accessories, including wedding decorations and bombonieri. Please contact us if you have any queries on any of our products.

Bloomin Paper

The act of gardening—planting the seed paper, nurturing it, and enjoying its beautiful yield year after year—keeps your message alive and becomes its own gift. Making meaningful connections is invaluable.

Bloomin has always operated at the forefront of environmental consciousness. Today, people use our products to communicate their own green initiatives. The most Earth-friendly tangible marketing medium available, our seed paper is made from 100% recycled paper and dyed with all-natural and vegetable-based pigments. Our products are printed with water- or soy-based inks and, when included, use primarily corn-based packaging. Our production facilities are sustainable, too. We recently installed a 30kW solar power system, so we are now powered by the same sun that makes our products grow!

Crafted 3 Cupcakes

Crafted is a small bakery that makes and sells cupcakes, cakes, sweets and treats for sale, by order, or through out regular markets. We specialise in Traditional baking, vegan baking and Gluten free. But it doesn’t stop there we also do Paleo cakes and can cater for special dietary requirements or allergies.

Vegan and egg/dairy free 

We make most of our cakes without any animal products which is great for vegan’s and suitable for kids parties where there is an increase in food allergy’s to eggs and milk. But why stop there? egg free meringues and croissant’s are also available.


High Tea in the Bath comes to us through the continual demand for an original high class of Wedding Favour, Bombonieres, Bride & Honeymoon Boxes, Bridal Party Gifts, Unique Party Favours, Teenagers and Children’s Birthday Party ideas, Original Corporate Gifts, ‘ MeTime’ and ‘It’s a Girl Thing!’ It features 100% vegetable oil, pure and natural organic soaps, that are uniquely crafted by hand.

Gail Dickson, world renowned Soap Artist, creates these beautiful fragrant soaps from scratch, using over 10 different soap making processes and many clever techniques to create a true ‘Cake of Soap’ for a High Tea Party fit for a Wedding Party, Royalty or inviting the Vicar to Tea!
There are absolutely NO nasty chemicals NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, NO animal fats and NO Melt & Pour Synthetic soaps used. All ingredients are sourced locally and ethically to ensure this remains

Vegan Tree Owl Soap

Vegan Tree Owl was created to give people a natural alternative to store bought products which are made with harsh chemicals & animal bi-products. We do not believe in animal cruelty and want to make sure that there is a price competitive alternative on the Australian market.

Find the perfect vegan friendly Australian wedding favour! We sell;

  • Body butter
  • Body lotion
  • Essential soap
  • Lip balm
  • Premium soap



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