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Adorn offer bridal makeup artistry services in Melbourne.

For women on the go conscious of a cleaner and greener lifestyle! Natural |Non- Toxic| Certified | Australian| Eco-friendly Cosmetics YOU can TRUST!

  • 100% Australian Made and Owned
  • Vegan Accredited
  • Halal
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • No synthetic or toxic chemicals 
  • No skin irritating fillers
  • Non nanotechnology
  • No animal testing
  • No palm oil
  • No Gluten
  • Earth Friendly Refill Program
  • Multipurpose products
  • Unique Virtual Colour Matching Service

I am a makeup artist with 12 years experience in the Bridal Industry, providing professional services to the Geelong and Surrounding Areas. Please contact me for a quotation, as I am freelance and do travel to other areas.
Let me help make your day extra special!

Our products are Ultra Premium, Botanical Based, and Swiss Formulated. Our products have NO dyes, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, parabens(cancer causing synthetic preservatives), are Vegan Certified, NOT tested on animals, and have no animal


Through Glenn’s trips to Borneo, and our volunteer work to save Orangutans and virgin rainforest, we were continuously asked which products were safe to use. People wanted one easy and honest place to source their products. So we created Ethikool, a one-stop-shop where you know that all products are ethical without having to read labels and wonder what those long words are. When we source products for Ethikool, their whole company must fit our criteria, not just some of their products.


Victoria  |  New South Wales  |  Queensland  |  Western Australia

Inika is a luxury, 100% natural cosmetics brand and the proud owner of the ACP Magazine’s Award for 2010 ‘Best Foundation’.

It is our mission to introduce the world to a new era of cosmetics. A world where eco and chic combine to offer style, performance and finally, a natural ethical choice in beauty.

Company Overview

All Natural Mineral Cosmetics. Australian company with cosmetics made OF Australia. 
100% certified organic or vegan, or both.
100% certified Cruelty Free and Halal.
Natural, Beautiful, Ethical.


Larissa Bright found her inspiration to create pure and natural skincare and body care products from the extraordinary beauty of the Great Barrier Reef – home to exotic plant and marine species and only 30km off shore from the International Head Office of Larissa Bright Australia. The luxury range is the inspired creation of Larissa, it was her desire to design pure and natural Australian skincare and body care products that led to the release of her first natural, 100% vegan skincare range in 1998.

“I moved to Townsville in North Queensland when I was 24. I found the climate harsh for my skin and set about mixing my very own plant-derived skincare products with only the best ingredients Mother Earth had to offer! I started creating my own collection over my kitchen stove in July 1998. Each product has its very own story and reason why I developed it.

Living on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia I have access to high quality natural plant and marine species. Together with my scientific team of chemists I have spent 10 years creating a plant-derived luxury skin and body care collection for the whole family.”

When you meet Larissa Bright, you’ll soon realise her commitment to natural products is undeniable.  She talks passionately about herbs, botanicals & the art of apothecary – the centuries old art of blending herbs & natural ingredients.

“I love taking the freshest, natural ingredients, botanicals and plant extracts and combining them with natural essential oils to create aromatherapy based products to enrich, rejuvenate and enhance our well-being.”

At Larissa Bright Australia® we are committed to drawing on the beauty of nature to create luxury, moisture-rich creams, balms and treatments. Our creations are expertly blended with pure Australian certified organic pure essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins and oceanic minerals to create a uniquely rejuvenating experience for your body, mind and soul.

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