Jewellery that is eco friendly, fairtrade & does not hurt animals or humans in the making. Click here to include your business in the directory.


Brilliant Earth believes that luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost.

Aware consumers make informed choices. We work with nonprofit agencies to provide comprehensive and objective information about our industry. We believe that through their purchases, our customers will drive the future of the jewelry industry.
We donate 5% of our profits to help communities who have suffered from unethical practices in the jewelry industry. We strive to create a long-term and sustainable approach to community development.
We believe in promoting socially responsible business practices that respect human beings and the environment. We endeavor to treat all individuals with respect, both inside and outside the company.

Every ring gives 2 people clean water, for life.

When you and your loved one tie the knot with a Do Amore ring, you also change two other lives forever. Every ethical ring not only brings two people closer for life, it also gives safe water to two people for life.

Do Amore is a ring company committed to social-change and ethics. Wedding rings bring together two people, for their lifetime. With Do Amore, every ring also helps two people in need, for their lifetime. Every ring gives clean water to two people for life, by co-founding a water well. Water wells provide a sustainable source for clean water so that these people can improve their lives permanently. All of our work takes place in communities within developing countries. Do Amore is also committed to a high standard of ethics.

  • All of our rings are made in the U.S.A
  • Our diamonds are conflict-free
  • At least 80% of our rings are made from 100% recycled precious metals

We offer you engagement and wedding rings that are expertly hand crafted in Brisbane. Your ring will be made using  responsibly recycled precious metals, Australian or Canadian diamonds and Australian or Fair Trade coloured gemstones. Being internet based does not mean faceless. We are passionate and enthusiastic about every aspect of ring design and production. You can have complete confidence that you can purchase from us safely from anywhere in Australia.


Ethical contemporary wedding and engagement rings.  Gorgeous bridal & everyday jewellery designed and handmade by silversmith Kate Pearse. Kate uses 100% recycled silver and gold, fair trade, ethically sourced gemstones & recycled diamonds as well as genuine sea glass & other reclaimed materials. Made to order, stock and special commissions. Handmade in the UK, shipped worldwide.


Welcome to McFarland Designs, your source for beautiful custom jewelry in alignment with your values. I work with recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones to create wearable works of art that you can truly feel good about, confident that their creation did not exploit workers or the environment.

Specializing in sustainable, eco-friendly wedding rings. Made by hand with love.

MiaDonna Antique Ring

You can purchase rings online, suitable for Australian clients.

MiaDonna & Company® is home to the world’s greatest Man Made Diamonds and the world famous Diamond Hybrid®. Their eco-friendly designer style Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets and Fine Jewelry are hand crafted in the USA using only the finest recycled gold and platinum. Now you can get your dream ring for the price you adore, at®. 

“We can now make diamonds in a modern-day lab environment, that are more beautiful and affordable than earth mined diamonds; without the conflict that is associated with getting them out of the earth.” ~ Anna-Mieke, MiaDonna® Founder

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Utopian Creations began its life in 2005 as Australia’s first fine and fashion eco friendly, ethical or sustainable jewellery company. Eco friendly jewellery is the creation of jewellery with the ecology of our planet at the forefront of all design and manufacturing decisions. At Utopian Creations, we go deeper than most other eco or ethical jewellery companies by developing new green techniques for manufacturing, like our continuing development with Fresnel lenses and vegan polishing compounds.
We now have a retail store and workshop at Studio Eco, Magill Road, Adelaide.

As scientists learn more about our planet we are all seeing how interconnected we all are and how small changes can have a large effect. The materials we use to make our jewellery are all either recycled, antique, vintage or in some cases ‘ethically’ mined. This is one of those cases where the word ethics can be confusing. Some customers prefer to avoid newly mined diamonds and gems as they don’t believe any mining is ethical, some wish to see comprehensive environmental policies, complete custody chains and certification showing they are free of child labour. We offer both vintage/antique and new ‘ethically’ mined gems and diamonds, while providing ecologically friendly, high quality precious metals, a qualified jewellery designer and the experience of green manufacturing techniques to put it all together.

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