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Having nice signage at your wedding is not only helpful for guests, but also adds a personal touch to the atmosphere. The great thing about making the signs and posters, is that you can get as creative as you like to match your wedding’s theme.


For my wedding, I created two A2 posters. One was a general welcome so that guests knew they were at the right venue and the second was a nicely designed seating plan. I also made some snazzy 8″x10″ signs for the confetti stand, candy bar, guest book etc so that guests were provided instructions/prompts.


Welcome Poster & Seating Plan in A2 Size


Helpful Signage in 8″x10″


How to Make Your Own Posters/Signage



Work out what the sign/poster is for to determine the desired size. I.e if it is a sign for a candy bar, ensure it is a size which easily fits into standard frame sizes. If it is a poster which will hang on a wall or be mounted onto a A frame stand, it is recommended to stick with A2-A3. A2 I found is the best size because it is not too big and not too small.



Create the design for the poster. If you’re not a Graphic Designer, you’re probably thinking – um how the hell do I do this?!  You have a few options, you can either do something quite simple in Microsoft Word or contract a Graphic Designer (if you’re on a budget, head to Gumtree,  – many students are looking to expand their portfolio and will do this for free).



Once you have been provided the artwork as a PDF (always request PDF) you can then head to your local printer. If you are printing specific sizes such as 8″x10″, you will need to go to a specialised printer, so that they can print exactly that size. If you are printing in standard A sizes, then you can print at Officeworks.



Once you have your printed goods, you can then proceed to either frame or mount them. If it is a poster in an A size, you can go to your local art store (I go to Riot) and buy mounting boards for $5-6. These are fairly thick foam boards on which you can stick your poster so that it is flat and can be stood up. If you have a sign to be framed, ensure you pick the right size according to the printed item and that the frame design matches your wedding’s theme.



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Enjoy making your event signs and don’t forget to have fun with it!





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