Meet our EB authors!


Amy Kauler

Amy Kauler, Creator

Amy [EB creator] is a Marketing Professional by trade and her interests include, good food (and wine!), fashion, social & animal justice, board games and a well frothed soy cappuccino. Contact Amy for any sales, advertising, press or general enquiries.



Anna Pola for Ethical Bride

Anna Pola, Bridal Blogger

With a background in fashion, advertising and design, Anna loves nothing more than exploring the world, trying different cultural dishes and the well-written word. An ideal day consists of researching different design ideas for her website matte&metal and completing her Communications degree.



Lucy for Ethical Bride

Lucy Tierney, Bridal Blogger

Lucy has a Creative Writing Degree from the University of Wollongong. She loves words as well as all things creative and DIY. In her spare time between working and writing she likes to bake, read, sew and plan weddings (particularly her own!). 




Ethical Bride Blogger Edelle

Edelle Gettings, Bridal Blogger

Edelle is a public relations and journalism student from the University of Western Sydney. A firm believer in that good coffee and good books, take top place in life. Blogging and writing in spare time, she also loves a bad joke… Or two. Checkout her blog!



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